Nutrition Lesson Plans

Nutrition Lesson Plans for Students with Special Needs

Teaching nutrition is important for all students, especially students with special needs. Ann Kaderly, a founding partner at Everyday LifeSkills, currently teaches a LifeSkills course to students with special needs and would like to share with you some lesson plans and curriculum resources used to teach those nutrition courses.

Food Group Lesson Planning and Curriculum Resources

  1. Introduce the food groups and MyPlate to the students using NourishInteractive.
  2. Discuss with the students how they can use the information from MyPlate to plan nutritious meal. Then have the students practice making balanced meal using the Balanced Meal Game
  3. Have the students practice placing foods in the correct food group by using the Nutrition Worksheet

Food Diary and Physical Activity Journal

  1. Print out Daily Food Diary and Physical Activity Journal pages for 1 week.
  2. Using the Daily Food Diary have the students document what they have eaten and circle the group such as fruit, vegetable, grain, dairy, protein. After completing a physical activity have the students document the activity on the Daily Food Diary as well.
  3. If the student is a non-reader they can draw or paste pictures of the food they have eaten or the activity they have completed. Below are some good sites that have pictures of food and physical activities.
  4. Each day have the students evaluate their eating habits and physical activity and set new goals for themselves.

My Food-A-Pedia

  1. The students will use the information collect on the Daily Food Diary to analyze the foods they have eaten.
  2. Have the students list the foods they have eaten in the My Food-A-Pedia worksheet under the food section.
  3. Using a computer have the students complete the calories, extra calories, and food groups portion of the worksheet, utilizing the My Food-A-Pedia Website.
  4. Discuss with the students the section on the worksheet about the number of calories they ate, and the food groups.
  5. Then use the information about the students’ eating habits to choose food to cook. I use the recipes from the books Cooking for Life, Toasters, Microwaves and Blenders, Oh My! and Dip and Jar Mix Projects. These books have step by step direction with accompanying worksheets for your LifeSkills class or student at home.

Other good resources to use to plan your health and nutrition less plans can be found here:

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